With the Map module, you can easily add a map with your location to a website. Maps are provided by the Google Maps service, which is available free of charge, however requires the Google Maps API key. The information about getting the Google Maps API key can be found here.

Note: When getting Google Maps API key, make sure that the Google Maps Geocoding API and the Google Maps Geolocation API are available. This is necessary for correct automatic detection of your location.

The Map module supports the following functions:

  • Searching for an object on a map by address or by latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Selecting the mode of map displaying by switching between Map, Satellite, Satellite with labels, and Terrain views.
  • Adjustment of the map scale: zoom in or out.
  • Selecting the map size: Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Adding map markers identifying locations on the map.
  • Displaying the overview map in the lower right corner of the map block. The overview map shows the extent of your main zoomed map.

When you add a map, the module uses the information about your location that you specified after selecting a website topic. You can specify a new location at any time.

To add a map to your site:

  1. Go to the Modules tab, select Map, and drag the module to the page.
  2. Specify Google Maps API key.
  3. Specify the desired location and click Search. You can type an address or coordinates. For example: 37.754481,-122.383772.
  4. Select the desired map view from the map mode menu, and the zoom level from the zoom level menu.
  5. Select the desired map size from the Map size menu.
  6. Specify desired locations on the map with map markers. To add a map marker, change your mouse pointer to a marker by clicking the map marker image in the upper left corner of the map, click a desired location on the map, specify the marker title and description.
  7. To add an overview map displaying the extent of your main map, click the arrow image in the lower right corner of the map block.
  8. Click OK.

To remove a map:

Place the mouse pointer over the map and click Remove.