Interface Views

Choosing Your Interface View

To better fit your needs, the Plesk interface can be displayed in two distinct ways. You can choose between the Service Provider view and the Power User view. Different views are designed specifically to suit the needs of separate groups of Plesk users.

The main difference between the Power User view and the Service Provider view is that the former removes the ability to manage customer accounts, service plans, and subscriptions. In effect, the reseller's interface in Power User view looks identical to the Customer Panel, with the only difference being that it also includes the Tools section, which contains various tools and utilities used to help you manage your account.

To choose your interface view, go to Interface Preferences.

Which interface view should I choose?

The Service Provider view is best suited to traditional resellers who plan to provide shared hosting services to a number of different customers.

The Power User view is best suited to web designers who create and manage websites for their customers. Since your customers will not be logging in to Plesk, there is no need for customer accounts or subscriptions.